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This survey is a quantitative approach.  80 researchers with purchasing authorities from 9 cities were interviewed through telephone with structural questionnaire.
Interviewees purchase products from international manufacturers with “remarkable frequency”, and xx.8% of all international purchase budget increase annually. 
They choose international brands (rather than local brands) because the “product quality” is reliable. 
Products of Category 1 are reagents with international brands as the overwhelming choice, including real-time XXX reagents, transfection reagents, XXX vectors, clones & libraries, cell culture media and instruments & software.
Products of Category 2 are reagents with international brands as the major choice, including proteins, enzymes, peptides, antibodies and secondary detection agents, XXX and reverse transcription reagents.
Products of Category 3 are reagents with international brands taking XX% of the total choice, including protein gels, stains, markers, nucleic acid gels, stains, ladders, and nucleic acid purification kits.
Products of Category 4 are reagents with local brands as the major choice, including primers & oligos, buffers and chemicals.




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